Colon Hydrotherapy

arch_smallColon Hydrotherapy is a gentle treatment, which involves the slow introduction of warm, filtered water into the colon via the rectum. The water is introduced at a very low pressure, provided by gravity only, so there is no danger of bowel perforation. The water, combined with gentle abdominal massage, helps to soften faecal matter and hardened deposits so that they can be expelled and piped away with the waste water.

The treatment is completely hygienic as all of our equipment is disposable. Also rest assured that your modesty is preserved at all times.

colon1Colon Hydrotherapy is not only about cleansing the colon as the aim is to also help with improving the function of this incredible organ by combining treatment with general diet and lifestyle advice.

How many treatments?
This really depends on the client, their health, the state of their colon and the condition being treated. Anything from one or two treatments to a course of a few treatments may be recommended over a period of time and then treatments may be continued afterwards for maintenance, depending on the client’s needs.

water1The treatment

The first appointment normally lasts about an hour and a half. This includes a full consultation, during which the therapist will ask you about your health and your diet. There is time for you to ask questions and the therapist will explain the treatment to you. The treatment itself takes around 30 – 45 minutes depending on the person. There is nothing special you need to do before your treatment except to eat lightly if your appointment is close to a meal time. Avoiding fizzy drinks and keeping yourself hydrated is also helpful. Although most people continue their day as normal after their treatment it is worth knowing in advance that it is not advisable to take part in any strenuous exercise following your treatment. It makes a nice excuse for taking it easy for an afternoon/evening.